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Business travel and the impact of COVID-19

Posted: 17 May 2020

Four months in and 2020 has already been a year of unprecedented travel disruption. It’s time the travel industry takes a step back to assess what has happened and how the business travel community can move forward. Join Ariane Gorin, president of Egencia and Expedia Partner Services, for a candid interview with the BTN Group. She reflects on the impact travel has already seen, as well as the path forward for travel management companies and travel managers. She also shares insights and recommendations for how business travel managers can prepare for the relaunch of travel.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the travel landscape after initial impact of COVID-19
  • Hear industry insights and learnings travel managers can apply to business travel programs
  • Identify conversations business travel managers should have with suppliers, travelers, and senior leadership


Ariane Gorin, president, Egencia and Expedia Partner Services

Jen Bankard, director content solutions and conferences, The BTN Group

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